Men’s Health Services

Men’s Health Services

At Anna Hoo Clinic, our philosophy is to help all our patients to maintain their health and wellbeing through carefully targeted testing, treatment and advice. We believe in empowering men so that they will be able to contribute effective as husbands, fathers, sons as well as contributing members of the society.

Our programmes are designed specifically to answer health concerns of our male patients, from specific screening for conditions such as prostate and testicular cancer, to general health advice on issues such as stress management, diet and exercise. We are dedicated to improve general health of our male patients. Allow us to present to you, our comprehensive Men Health Services.

Prostate and testicular cancer screening
As part of our men wellness health screening, Anna Hoo Clinic offers thorough examination to check for testicular cancer in younger men and for prostate cancer in mature male patients. These are simple tests, involving thorough physical examination and blood test for prostate specific antigen (PSA). They take just a few minutes, but they could save your life through early detection and prompt treatment.

Stress management
Of course, not all men’s health problems are of physical in origin; we understand the effect that stress can inflict onto your mind and your body.

As part of our men’s health programme, we offer stress counseling and lifestyle advice to help you to identify the sources of stress in your life and develop effective strategies to deal with stress when it occurs. We just cannot stress enough how bad is stress for you! Come over for a consult.

Sexual health
Many sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia infection, show few or no symptoms. Nevertheless, infected men not only act as focus of transmission, spreading the disease to their loved ones; they may also be compromising their own fertility. Periodic testing is effective for early detection and treatment. Anna Hoo Clinic offers discreet, private tests and treatment to give you complete peace of mind. Come and enquire about our Men Sexual Health programme today!

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