Wellbeing & Health Optimization: Health checks and screening

Wellbeing & Health Optimization:
Health Checks And Screening

Healthcare is much more than simply treating disease. At Anna Hoo Clinic, we realize that maintaining optimal health and preventing disease are more important to the physical and mental wellbeing of our patients than doing damage control when disease strikes.

By combining a wide range of periodic health checks, screening and risk assessments, with positive, proactive diet and lifestyle advice, we’ll help you achieve that optimal health which allows you to excel in life, no matter what your stage of life or the demands of work and family life they may be. Come and explore how we can help you.

Optimal health, whatever your age – Health Screening
Anna Hoo Clinic understands that good health is crucial in bringing you through different stages of your life and hence we have dedicated ourselves to help you optimize your health and wellbeing at every stage of your life, whether it is the difficult transitions of puberty to adulthood or the increased health risks era of the advanced years. Getting older needs not necessarily means poor health. One can lead a healthy life well into his golden years if he takes proactive measures to maintain good health and treat health problems early. Unfortunately, in many cases, small health problems are often neglected, and they ended up growing into a much more serious problem in the future.

Anna Hoo Clinic offers a series of health optimization programmes. These include health screening as well as maintenance of existing optimal health. A thorough health screen every few years can give you a peace of mind that any niggling health problems may be nipped in the bud, quietly and effectively.

We also provide pre-marital screening, pre-employment screening and cardiac risk assessment to suit you needs.

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