Women’s Health Services

Women’s Health Services

A healthy body and mind allows you to enjoy your lives to the fullest. At Anna Hoo Clinic we understand the complexities of women’s health and are determined to provide individually tailored health assessment, treatment as well as health advice for women of all ages, in an open, friendly and supportive environment.

Anna Hoo Clinic offers technologically advanced medical assessment and diagnostics combined with lifestyle advice to help you achieve the optimal health you desired. Hence, we are proud to present to you, our comprehensive Women’s Health Services.

Menopause clinics
Menopause presents a significant challenge to many women as the bodies experience drastic hormonal changes. Women face variable degrees of bodily and emotional instability. At Anna Hoo Clinic, we assess and assist you as you transition through the peri-menopause period and beyond, offering a range of practical solutions, from diet and exercise advice to hormonal replacement treatments and osteoporosis prevention.

Our experienced team is here to help you overcome the unpleasant problems of menopause that can interfere with your busy life, and these include:
•    Hot flushes and night sweats
•    Sleep disruption
•    Mood swings
•    Weight gain and water retention
•    Low libido and sexual problems

Sexual health for women
Many sexually transmitted diseases, such as Chlamydial infection, show little or no symptoms, but they cause complications much later. Early detection and treatment are crucial in preventing irreversible damage to women’s health. Anna Hoo Clinic offers discreet, private tests to unveil these sexually transmitted infections. Amongst these is the test for human papillomavirus (HPV). Additionally, we offer protection against HPV in the form of vaccination while providing cervical smear tests to screen for early onset of cancer. Come and pay us a visit.

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