Mole Removal

Mole Removal

A mole is a benign skin lesion that is usually black or dark brown in colour. It is round in shape, and may or may not be raised off the skin. While moles may be present at birth, it may also develop later in life. Some people have more moles than others. Understandably if your immediate family members have a lot of moles, the chances are you will too.

Mole can be removed for cosmetic reasons. There are others who remove them while retaining the others for Feng Shui reasons. Whatever the reasons may be, we at Anna Hoo Clinic have the solution. Our Dual Yellow Light laser and Co2 laser are ideal in removing moles with near zero pain and discomfort. Most people don’t feel more than a pinch. And the effect is mole removal without scars.

The laser emits focused light to the congregated pigments which are responsible in forming moles and destroy them permanently. As the laser light is focused, the surrounding skin is unaffected. Depending on the depth of the mole, several sessions may be required for total removed, each spaced a minimum of one month apart. This is because, moles often sits deep beneath the skin. If we remove the entire lesion in one session, it may result in a depression scar.

Always want to remove your moles but don’t know how and where? Make an appointment to meet our doctors for a comprehensive consultation!

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