Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Acne is though may be more commonly seen amongst teenagers, is also seen in adults. Poorly managed acne may results in long lasting scars or hyperpigmentations, which has both detrimental psychosocial and physical effects. As such, active acne should be treated properly before it leaves permanent scars.

Essentially there are 3 types of acne problem, which are

  • Non inflammatory lesions: white head and black head;
  • Inflammatory lesions: papule, pustule, nodule, cystic; and
  • Mixture of inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions

Treatment often involves a combination of :

1.    Topical skin cares
2.    Antibiotics
3.    Low glycemic diet & avoidance of junk foods
4.    Manual extraction of comedones
5.    Superficial chemical peel (glycolic or salicylic acid)
6.    Laser therapy: Dual Yellow laser, Q-Switch Nd:Yag, Long pulsed Nd:Yag

Act early before acne leaves unsightly scars. Make an arrangement to meet our doctors for a comprehensive consultation.

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