Stretch Mark Reduction

Stretch Mark Reduction

Stretch mark or striae is a common skin condition, which is generally benign. However it can be of significant distress to those affected.


There are generally two types of striae:

  • white striae which is the old striae
  • purple/pink striae which is the new striae

Typically affected areas are,

  • Abdomen and breast of pregnant women,
  • On the shoulders, buttocks and thigh area of adolescents undergoing their growth spurt, and Individual who has rapid weight gain and overweight.

They represent linear dermal scars accompanied by epidermal atrophy. It affects skin that is subjected to continuous and progressive stretching; increased stress is placed on the connective tissue due to increased size of the body parts which is faster than the skin growth.

These marks can be treated. Our lasers improve these stretch marks by reducing them and tightening the treated area. Resurfacing treatment is then administer to hollows of the stretch marks and lastly, the skin is rejuvenated to allow better perfusion and hydration.

Interested in our comprehensive stretch marks treatment? Come and meet our doctors for a detailed consultation.


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