Body Sculpturing

Body Sculpturing

If diet and exercise alone don’t do the trick for you, we may have the additional help you need to reduce that circumference body length and improve body contouring.

An effective inch loss treatment should acts on multiple levels i.e. improving skin tone, reducing cellulite, increasing dermal blood flow, improve lymphatic drainage, end up producing a decrease in measurement. Otherwise, the weight loss may result in sagging skin or cellulite formations which are unsightly.

Our body-sculpturing programme aims at targeting lax skin, cellulite and excess fat. Radio frequency lasers on the other hand, delivers focused energy that breaks cellulites. Meanwhile sculpting laser reduce volumes while causing a lifting and tightening effect that results in you regaining that body contour. Combining all these modalities allows these different problems to be targeted efficiently. Together they help to sculpt the body and improve your body image.

Understandably, the programme has to run hand in hand with balanced diet and exercise to ensure that the results maintains long lasting. Otherwise, the results will disappear with binge eating and sedentary lifestyle over time.

Get rid of those pesky problem areas! Come over and meet our doctors for a detailed consultation. You will be amazed with the result that you are about to gain!


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