Laser for Tattoo Removal

Laser for Tattoo Removal

Decorative tattoos have a history, which dates back at least 5000 years. The desire to remove them has probably existed just as long. Early attempts to remove tattoos have had less than desirable results. The use of dermabrasion, salt abrasion and Argon or CO2 lasers have left behind scars in place of the tattoo.

The FOTONA QX Max laser removes tattoo ink with the energy of light. The laser emits lights, which passes through the skin, but is absorbed by the ink. Rapid absorption of light energy causes the tattoo ink to break into tiny particles which then be removed by the body’s natural filtering systems. The laser treatment provides maximum tattoo removal while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.

However, it is important to know that there are more than 300 types of tattoo inks in use worldwide today. Not knowing which tattoo ink was used, or how deeply it was applied, makes it impossible for the laser specialist to predict the degree of removal on any given tattoo. Although it is impossible to predict the exact number of treatments necessary, we should be able to give you a best-guess estimate after the first treatment.

On the average, black and blue professional tattoos with an average amount of ink require 6-8 treatments, while amateur tattoos require 4-5 treatments, all spaced approximately 4-8 weeks apart. Darker skin types and densely pigmented tattoos may require many more treatments.

Be assured to ask our doctors about tattoo removal. They will more than happy to help you by providing you the right blend of treatment to remove unwanted tattoos

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