Laser for Scars Reduction

Laser for Scars Reduction

Acne scarring is common but surprisingly difficult to treat. Scars can involve textural change in the superficial and deep layer of the skin, and may be associated with pigmentary change.

Laser emits micro-fine light that reaches epidermis of the skin to encourage rebuilding of fresh new skin and formation of collagen and elastin, the building blocks of the supporting structures to the skin. This promotes healing of old acne scars and improves surfacing of craters. Understandably, patients with varying degrees of acne scar issues require different intensity and frequency of laser treatment. Older scars too tend to require more treatment before result is seen.

Generally, skin with atrophic (depression scars), begins to show improvement after the 3rd or 4th session.  Deep atrophic scars on the other hand may require as much as 8 sessions of treatment before result is seen. Having said that, the stimulation that the laser actually gives rise to continual building of collagen over time, so the final results of the treatment will be realized approximately 6 months after the treatment.

To improve the outcome of the treatment, multi-modality approach is adopted. Our armamentarium includes:

1.    Ablative resurfacing lasers: FCo2 or Erbium Yag laser
2.    Microneedling radiofrequency technique: Intracel
3.    Hyaluronic acid filler injection
4.    Excision and Subcision
5.    Q-Switch laser for treatment of pigmentary lesions

Want to improve on the acne scar? Speak to our doctors! They will be more than happy to advise you on a customised approach that is best suited to you. Give us a call now to fix an appointment.

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