Laser For Pigmentation

Laser For Pigmentation

Pigmentation disorders of the skin are common amongst us, especially in Malaysia where there is constant exposure to the blistering sun all year round.

Melasma is an acquired symmetric hyperpigmentation over sun-exposed areas commonly seen in middle aged Asians. Genetics, UV radiation, pregnancy, hormonal therapies, and other phototoxic drugs are contributing factors.

Freckles and lentigines are common benign pigmented spots seen not only at the face but also the body. While some find it tolerable, others may find it emotionally overwhelming especially when wearing sleeveless dresses or swimming suits.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) are normally found in melanin-rich skin.  PIH can be considered the physiological response to injury onto the skin. E.g. after a mosquito bite, there may be PIH spots on the skin.

Anna Hoo Clinic’s laser treatment for pigmentation begins with determining the type of pigmentation that the patient has before drawing up a treatment plan. Generally it takes a few sessions to eliminate or improve the skin condition. The number of sessions required may differ from one person to another and depends on the type of injury to the skin and the severity of pigmentation. Not uncommonly, combining treatment with good skin care, nutrition and lifestyle changes are required to bring out the result.

Tackle your pigmentation problem face on! Why don’t you stop by to have a one-to-one consultation with our doctors.

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