Skin Tags Removal

Skin Tags Removal

Skin tags are outer growths of the skin which mainly forms on the neck, face and the upper trunk. They are benign skin lesions but are cosmetically bothersome. Skin tags can take many shapes, sizes and colors, but generally they are brownish in colour, round and asymmetrical, as protrusions of varying sizes over the affected area. Some small skin tags are black or brownish in colour and often occur on the face and neck. The ones that are over the face and neck may be emotionally overwhelming.

Skin tags can be removed. There are many ways to remove them ranging from application of topical medicine to cryotherapy and surgical excision. At Anna Hoo Clinic, we use laser to eliminate these tags. It is very effective and leaves virtually no scarring. Available laser in our armamentarium to achieve this objective are the state-of-the-art Co2 laser, Dual Yellow Light laser and Erbium Yag laser, all of which are FDA approved to ensure safety. They offer quick and painless removal of these lesions via a few zaps. Most people would require only 1 treatment for complete removal but some may require more if the involved area is extensive.

Do not let skin tags drag you down! Give us a call to fix a personalised appointment and let our doctors help you.

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