Laser Abdominal Tightening

Laser Abdominal Tightening

Abdominal wall sags following prolonged stretching of it skin usually after pregnancy or after reduction of abdominal girth. It can be difficult to get rid of.

At Anna Hoo Clinic, we have put together a comprehensive mix of treatment that help you to tighten up saggy abdominal wall. The strategy we used is as shown below.

This is achieved using:

Reduction of excessive abdominal fat:

1.    MultiPolar Radio Frequency: Venus Legacy Sculpt Fx for effective of collagen contraction, synthesis of new collagen, fat reduction, fibroblast proliferation, neo vascularity, improve lymphatic drainage and stimulate circulation.
2.    Laser assisted Lipolysis: Accusculpt for stubborn fat reduction.

Laser for abdominal tightening

1.    Laser resurfacing: Erbium Yag / FCo2
2.    Laser skin tightening: Long-pulsed Nd:Yag laser: Gentle Yag
3.    Multipolar RF device: Venus Legacy Sculpt FX
4.    Laser-assisted skin tightening

Improvement of saggy skin:

1.    Laser resurfacing treatment: Erbium Yag / FCo2 laser to tighten up the excess skin.
2.    Laser skin tightening treatment: Gentle Yag to tighten skin by heating the collagen underneath the skin’s surface, causing skin to contract (tighten)

Having an armamentarium of equipment means that we have different tools to suits different people. Nevertheless, there are useful tips that are useful for everyone. These include:

1.    Avoidance of rapid weight loss as it may give rise to saggy skin.
2.    Active lifestyle and healthy eating, as always have been one of our golden rule.

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