Keloid Treatment

Keloid Treatment

Keloids are raised, hypertrophic scars that are hard to the touch and purplish-reddish in colour. They often form as a result of trauma to the skin either as a result from surgery or non-surgical trauma e.g. motor vehicle accidents. On the face, they may form from cystic acne scars.

Although lasers can help lessen certain types of scarring, in cases of keloids, injection treatment proves to be superior. The number of treatments depends on the size and nature of the scar.  On average, 1-3 sessions may be necessary to completely flatten the scar.

After the lesion has flattened, the colour will fade over time. To improve outcome of the treatment, our injections are complemented with lasers that improve the colour and the surface of the keloid scar; and comeceuticals that promote healing and perfusion of the treated area.

Do speak to our doctors to seek further advice on this treatment. Sit with us as we plan and customize a treatment plan according to your needs.

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